We are the leading market research and consulting agency in the region.

We are a market research and consulting agency with more than 25 years of experience in the research, analysis and market research industry.

The Marketing Group
Since its establishment in 1997

The Marketing Group has quickly become the leading research agency for global, regional, and local brands, media agencies, research agencies, and international development agencies (NGOs) worldwide.

Why Choose The Marketing Group?

We deliver action plans and insights according to business objectives.

Expert Team

The Marketing Group has an international team with research experience around the world


The Marketing Group provides design recommendations and regular updates on project status.


Leveraging technology at every stage of project implementation to streamline the process


The Marketing Group's dedicated team combined with our mobile-based methodology ensures rapid delivery of results.


The Marketing Group - investigación de mercados

GeoPoll is a powerful mobile survey tool that allows us to create and distribute questionnaires in seconds, for rich data collection, including video content, images, photos, audios, geo-location tasks and more; supporting almost any type of question, including image/video based questions and matrices.

Offline surveys allow us to mix technology and methodologies to create better research by collecting data using mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones, reaching Smartphone, iOS and Android phone owners.

Using the multimodal platform, we send surveys via multiple text and voice methods, including text messaging service (SMS), IVR, CATI, mobile web (online), mobile apps (online). Telephone and face-to-face interviews, focus groups / in-depth interviews / traditional, digital or mobile ethnographies.

Our Solutions​


Discover the best survey platform, Question Pro is a tool that allows you to develop questionnaires in seconds and get incredible results.


Customer Interaction, Generate greater customer engagement with secure and fully personalized communications using SMS, RCS, Email, Whatsapp Voice, and more channels.



Issabel is a software that combines IP communications services in one place, a complete platform for VOIP, CRM, FAX, Videoconferencing, Recording, and much more.

Mystery Shopper​

A Mystery Shopper is a very important resource for companies to improve the quality of their customer experience.

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