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The Marketing Group constantly innovates to understand the consumer better, always relying on state-of-the-art technologies to provide our clients with the most reliable information.

Remote data collection

Reach any mobile device

The Marketing Group can administer surveys via multiple text, voice and in-person modes, including text messaging (SMS), mobile applications and voice calls from trained interviewers, allowing us to communicate with anyone with access to any type of cell phone.

Human Capital

Professionals with expertise in developing market research projects.

Execution Capacity

We currently have more than 105 active projects in multiple industry sectors.

Competence Centers

We have Customer Experience Competency Centers in multiple international locations.

Extensive Expertise

More than 25 years helping our clients deliver better experiences to their communities.

Advanced Technology

We have the latest technology from the world’s leading developers.

End-to-end strategy

We accompany the teams throughout the strategy implementation process.

Wide range and orientation

The Marketing Group has a reach of thousands of mobile subscribers and profiled respondents. We can reach every province or state within a country and target respondents by gender, age, location and other criteria.

Expert Team

The Marketing Group has an international team with research experience around the world


The Marketing Group provides design recommendations and regular updates on project status.


Leveraging technology at every stage of project implementation to streamline the process


The Marketing Group's dedicated team combined with our mobile-based methodology ensures rapid delivery of results.

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